Food, Fiction and Fun

Try this easy but interesting way of serving garlic bread.
What do you do when hubby brings home prawns? Make them delish!
My hubby is an avid fisherman, so you’ll find interesting fish recipes popping up now and then.

Hi everybody! Welcome to my blog. I hope you’ve come here because you like food or fiction or, like me, they’re two of your favourite things mashed together in one blog.

I love recipes and cooking is something I do to chill out. I love writing, so I thought… Why not write about food?

Another thing I do is write fiction and I thought it might be cool to share excerpts of what I’ve written here and there. I am hoping this blog will give people a little breather from the outside world, while they come into mine for a little while and then maybe pick up some great dinner ideas along the way. Perfect for lunch breaks at work or those times you have a few minutes to scroll your phone but want read something interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that your friend posting about her child sneezing three times isn’t interesting, but sometimes your brain needs a break from that.

In between food and fiction, Ben and I will normally end up on an adventure to somewhere and I’ll keep you updated on that too. Restaurant reviews, holiday park information and advice on what to do and where to eat for when you go on your own adventures.

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