Craig’s Hut and Mt. Buller

Two days ago we had some adventures, we started out from our campsite at Pickerings Flat in the morning and decided that today was the day we would see Craig’s Hut. Getting there had always been a dream of mine as I do like the Man From Snowy River movie and know the story well.

On the way to the hut we had little reception, knowing that the hut was near Mt. Buller we decided to drive that way. We didn’t get any reception and so we kept driving, the road we were on was taking us to Mt Buller. Ben thought that while we were there why not drive to the top and observe on of Australia’s highest points and see what everyone pays so much money for during snow season. So we drove and drove, up the winding bitchamen road for what seemed like hours. Finally we reached the summit and finally we had some reception. We sat there in the Prado at the top of Mt Buller, looking over all of the tree clogged hills and over the quiet off season town of Mt Buller. We made some phone calls, located Craig’s Hut with the reception we had found and then drove for another hour to Craig’s hut.

The track to the hut is dirt but relatively easy to drive on until you get close to the hut. Then you have the option of taking your four wheel drive up the rockier track for walking the rest of the way, of course we decided to put the Prado through its paces again.

As we pulled into the car park, there is was… the legendary Craig’s Hut. Just like in the movie is was set on a bald spot that looked over the surrounding hills and mountains. It was beautiful. I couldn’t top my mind from flowing through the movie scenes while I was there and was in ore of the hut and the story.

We then drove a long way back to Mansfield to get a few things and back to the campsite. It was a long day in the car but it was also great to explore the high country on these fine sunny days.

Pickerings is still our home at the moment, it has been treating us well with fresh cool water and lovely weather. Some of our meals have been epic, including home made chips, steak, pasta, paella and chicken sticks. We could do without the flying ants in the evenings but hey, you can’t have everything.

Fishing has been put on hold the last couple of days because this is a popular campsite on the weekends and there is only one deep hole to fish in.

Author: benandleahscamper

I'm a freelance writer and blogger who loves to travel with my husband, Ben. We normally choose our off road camper for adventures but sometimes we'll take a different path. I am also a veterinary nurse. I am also available for content and copywriting jobs.

4 thoughts on “Craig’s Hut and Mt. Buller”

  1. Hey Guys, wow you lucky ducks. I also remember the movie and can only imagine how beautiful it would be to be walking the ground of that very place. Looking forward to more episodes of you adventures 💞❤️️


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