Genoa, Eden, Mallacoota and Pambula

Here are some of the latest photos we have taken of our bull bar bothers, the Man From Snowy River museum and the surrounding coastal towns we have been visiting. This area has a strong history of whaling and we learnt that Ben Boyd was an important figure around here in the age of the explorers from an old wharfie we met in the Pambula Pub.

We are enjoying this area, the beaches are beautiful and the water is a unique aqua and almost completely clear in the shallows. The dogs are getting lots of runs on the beaches, so they are happy.

Happiness is:

  • Sand between your toes
  • Warm, clear, salty water
  • Fresh mussels
  • Putting around in the tinny trolling for fish
  • Satisfying food in the evenings
  • Waking up to birds chirping and a river running right outside the camper
  • Discovering new places
  • Meeting lovely people

We have come to know David and Joan who are from Cook Town in Queensland, they have travelled extensively and have given us some maps and great pointers on where to go when we get up North. We’ll definitely be getting their contact details before we leave here.


A Bush Christmas

Christmas Day for us was different, the hustle and bustle of visiting family and eating was gone but we could still hear it on the other end of the phone and we called everyone to say Merry Christmas. It was good to chat to our parents, brothers and sisters and our close friends.

We got out our ham and made our glaze and cooked honey glazed ham in the Ziggy. We chopped apples and made an apple crumble. We had a few drinks with David and Joan and another couple we met in the park. It’s lovely here and we have no regrets about going on this trip but if we said we didn’t miss seeing our family and friends back home at this time of year, we’d be lying.

We’re looking forward to seeing Sally and Anthony and boys for New Years who have got out of their way to see us again before we get too far away. You guys are awesome! While we were out in the tinny today and discovered that it is only a five minute boat ride to where they are staying at Gipsy Point. Ben navigated through the shallows really well and we got out into the deeper water at Gipsy Point easily.

We are also looking forward to catching up with Nick and Alana and their little bub from Jingellic, we are planning to see them again somewhere on the Central Coast of New South Wales around the start of February.

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