Merimbula & Surrounds

We’ve been staying at Merimbula now for the last 5 nights and we have 2 nights left before we head up Bermagui way.


We have been staying at Merimbula Lake Holiday Park. It is really nice here, the owners are very friendly and the park is tidy and well managed. The facilities are clean and always available for use.

Ben and I both visited Merimbula when we were young on family holidays but one of the first things we noticed driving into town was that this wasn’t the Merimbula we remembered. There are more shops, boutiques and cafes and there is more traffic. It’s still a nice place but is much busier than we had expected. The fact that it is holiday season definitely doesn’t help. I have no doubts that at non-peak times of the year it would all settle again.

We’ve had a quick look at Bar Beach and Merimbula Wharf, which were both busy but nice and popped into town a couple of times but otherwise we’ve tried to stay out of the thick of it.

Oaklands Brewery

Just out of Merimbula there is Oaklands Brewery a rustic style but upper class brewery / cafe / hobby farm / nursery. The bar itself is really nice and the beer is definitely worth a taste or two.

Wheelers Seafood

One night we had an awesome seafood dinner at Wheeler’s, which is a really popular seafood restaurant on the outskirts of Merimbula. Staff there were great and the seafood platter was impressive and very satisfying.

We had never really got into mussels and oysters before but we had both at Wheeler’s and we were actually surprised how pleasant they were.


Tathra is a really nice coastal town not far from Merimbula. We have fished off Tathra Wharf a couple of times now. Last night we fished there from around 6:30pm until midnight, I spent most of the time jigging for squid and Ben had his light rod catching small yellow tail and tailor for live bait. There have been a few king-fish caught in the last couple of days off the wharf and we thought we’d try and get one for our freezer. Ben was rigging his bigger rods up with the live bait and after waiting a couple of hours his biggest rod got a serious hit. It ran for a bit with the line and as Ben tried to gain some ground on the fish, it broke through the 80lb leader he had on the rod. It was a big fish… but we’ll never know how big or what type of fish it was.

Wallagoot Lake & Prawning

Wallagoot Lake is a beautiful salt water lake surrounded by national park. The waters are clear and full of aquatic life. The sand is clean and it is the perfect spot to relax, walk on the beach and soak up the true beauty of nature. We visited Wallagoot twice, once to have a look during the day and once at night. Our night time visit was inspired by locals telling us that it is a good spot to go prawning and that a lot had been caught out of there over the last few days. So, we got a prawn net and took our lights and our bucket. We put our rock shoes on and entered the dark, shallow water in light rain to see if we could spot and capture some delicious prawns.

We saw many glows of small orange eyes and walked around in the dark waters for over an hour. The torches we were using lit up the crystal clear, warm waters very well. There were heaps of crabs, a couple of eels, tiny fish, some squid and I even saw a baby cuttlefish. By the end of our prawning escapade Ben was really getting the hang of the net kick and scoop action and we ended up with enough prawns to fill a small bag and provide us with some good bait when we need it.

Tura Beach

Tura Beach is a lovely spot close to Merimbula, the rocks there are a popular but treacherous looking fishing spot. As you walk through the bush to get down to the rocks you start to notice the true beauty of the area. The long grey trunks that almost create a tunnel for you to walk through and the grey, sandy ground sporting roots that make natural steps. The cliffs are high and the rocks are an amazing deep red colour.


Bega seems to be the largest town that is close to here. It has all the major stores you need. We have visited there a couple of times. Today we went there to get our car antenna replaced (after it was stolen in Tumbarumba) at the local 4×4 specialists. We had lunch at the Grand Hotel as they offered $9 asian style lunches, which were okay for the price. We may return there later on tonight to enter in the local poker competition.

We visited the Bega Cheese Factory yesterday and had a nice lunch, a milkshake and of course, tasted the cheese. No doubts an essential part of being a tourist in Bega and worth the effort.

For your entertainment, I have included some amusing photos of us and the dogs from when we were at Scrubby Creek where poker games and alcohol was kept us amused… most of the time.





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