Kiama Show

Yesterday, we got the dogs minded for the day at the local Greencross Vet, we then headed off for a day at the Kiama Show. I imagine that having the dogs looked after for a day feels a little bit like parents who are having their children babysat and finally get to taste a little bit of freedom. It was around 35 degrees and the sky was clear, so the sun licked our skins and let us feel it’s heat. If you think you have no “inner child” left, spend a sunny day at your local show, if that doesn’t find the child in you again… nothing will.

We walked past a big RM Williams truck and into the show. First we watched, the very entertaining and very manly sport of wood chopping. Then saw some horse dressage and some farm animals. The Kiama showgrounds are right on the beach, so you can enjoy the show and the sea all at the same time.

Here’s where the child starts to come out… snow cones, add ANY and AS MUCH sticky, sweet, cordial like, flavor as you desire. There was grape, cola, raspberry, lemon-lime, creamy soda, only to name the few that we poured on and there is nothing like sweet, sugary, icy treats when it is hot. We got Ben a Dagwood Dog and I got a waffle and topped it off with what everyone ‘really’ goes to the show for… show bags!

We had to turn into adults again to go to the pub and play pool and have a few beers then went collect the dogs. Little did we know that ‘child’ was going to come back again as soon as we got back to the camper and we started going through the show bags we’d chosen. From Redskins to Fizz Wizz’s to Warheads and popping candy… oh my god, these things don’t only bring smiles to kids faces. Powdery sweet sherbet, sticky red lollies and sour, face screwing candy… yum!

Author: benandleahscamper

I'm a freelance writer and blogger who loves to travel with my husband, Ben. We normally choose our off road camper for adventures but sometimes we'll take a different path. I am also a veterinary nurse. I am also available for content and copywriting jobs.

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