Public Holiday Fun on the Sunny Coast

Hello, out there! Thought I had better update all of our Pal’s and Gal’s on our travels. We hope everybody had a great Easter and Anzac Day. Our Good Friday was actually an awesome Friday. We spent the day with David and Cheryl. We rode on David’s Jet Ski over to an island in Noosa and spent the day picnicking on the beach. Cheryl bought her stand up paddle board along and I learnt how to do that, it was heaps of fun and I’ll be sure to pick the paddle up again next time I get the opportunity. Went all went for a ride out to the waves on the Jet Ski with David and got to admire the beauty of Noosa’s beaches from the water, then had a couple of beers, a swim and a relax. There was plenty of people about, some had hired boats and were fishing off them or having a miniature on-board party. Some were just out to have a swim or a surf and others were just happy sitting on the beach reading a book. What a great lifestyle!

On Easter Saturday Ben tracked up to Noosa again and spent the day fishing on the Noosa-Cat. He bought back a good feed of shark fillets and some pearl perch. The next night we had the freshest and most delicious home made fish and chips ever!

Ben has been working hard every day still and the days are cooling down a little here. It is normally mid to high twenties during the day and then is reducing to under 15 degrees at night… brrrr. Last night it was only 9 degrees overnight. So we are glad to be moving onwards and upwards on Saturday to Bundaberg where I am really excited to catch up with an old school friend Steph and Ben is really excited to hit the Bundy Factory.

I have worked a few shifts at Greencross Vet Kawana Waters, the girls there have really been great and I enjoyed helping them out.

Last weekend we had a look around Mooloolaba beach, it is a beautiful spot, full of hip cafes, beach goers and surfers.

Leah Maloolobah

Anzac Day was a quiet one, Ben went fishing off Mooloolaba with a mate from his work and caught a few nice Mack Tuna to add to the freezer. He had a great morning on the water. There was a bit of swell but not much wind and the fish were on the bite!

Ben Tuna

So, today is pack up day and tomorrow morning we will scoot up to Bundy. We have loved the Sunshine Coast and it would be really easy to hang our here for longer (even though we have been here for over a month). Fossil Park has been great for the price but we are getting a bit over the traffic noise here and there is another couple who have been here for the last few days who are creeping us out a bit. Our hot water system hasn’t been working since we have been here and so cold showers are getting a lot less refreshing and a lot more chilling, especially since the nights are cooling down so much.

Well, next time I blog it will be from Bundaberg! So, I’ll catch up with all of you there. We are due in Agnes Waters (near Seventeen Seventy) in early May to catch up with my family. Yay! Looking forward to it. Glen and Amanda will be seeing us in July in Townsville also super excited about that!

Things we have learnt and things we need to remember about the Sunshine Coast…

  • Live life to the fullest
  • Hasting’s Street in Noosa is like ‘the land of the beautiful people’
  • Maroochydore and Mooloolaba are as tropical and wonderful as they sound
  • Rick’s Garage is an amazing place for a burger and a had crafted whisky
  • Be positive and active and follow your dreams
  • Ocean Street in Maroochy is awesome and so is Macchu Picchu
  • Impressive mountains on one side, beautiful beaches on the other
  • Sun and smiles
  • Aussie World Pub and Aussie World shops, unique and handy
  • The Bruce Highway is busy
  • A good conversation is always better than good technology

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I'm a freelance writer and blogger who loves to travel with my husband, Ben. We normally choose our off road camper for adventures but sometimes we'll take a different path. I am also a veterinary nurse. I am also available for content and copywriting jobs.

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