Family at Anges Water & the Town of 1770

Over the last two weeks, Ben and I have been staying in a house for the first time in 6 months. We were very excited as we got to spend some time with my parents, Lyn and Gary, my brother, Barney, his missus, Tracy and our little niece Jasmine. They also have one little boy on the way (due in August). The house we stayed in was just a short walk away from Anges Water beach. It was a double story and large, so it allowed everyone plenty of space. It was strange abandoning the camper and going into a house for a couple of weeks. When we changed spots today and opened the camper again, it felt like coming home.

While our family was here we did lots of fun activities. We spent the second night of their stay at the Agnes Water tavern, we had a few drinks, a few games of pool then we all went into the bistro and had some dinner. There just happened to be a local poker competition on that night at the pub and so Ben, Barney, Dad and I joined in. A few beers and many deals and hands later Barney and a man called Jeff were the last two left at the tables. Ben, Dad and I had all been eliminated but we watched from the sideline hoping Barney would beat Jeff, the local serious poker bully. When the last hand came up and Jeff produced pocket Jacks and Barney produced two low suited cards. Jeff went to take his winnings, then Barney piped up… “Do I get the flush?” he asked casually. The adjudicator looked again and apologised, pronouncing Barney the winner of the $100 prize!

We spent time at Anges Water Beach, 1770 Beach and at the beautiful TreeTop Bar across from 1770 Beach. Barney, Ben and Dad were keen to fish of course and so they spent most mornings and some evenings doing that. Ben and Barney braved some big rocks and big swell to get out to some of the spots. There was one, in particular, the locals call ‘the catwalk’, they had to be part bloodhound to find it and part mountain goat to make it there but the rocks, when you eventually reached the spot, allowed you to cast into very deep water. They pulled in school mackeral and mack tuna off the rocks and saw locals hook up to sharks. Ben even hooked onto a black marlin but was unable to get him in. What an exciting spot! Ben and Barney really got to try out their lures, different baits and different rigs. They got to learn about some of the Queensland fish species and had a great time doing it.

Ben, Barney and Dad also went on a fishing charter for a day, they had fun fishing with livies and bottom bouncing on the reef. Ben caught a large Cobia, travelley and some coral trout along with some Nanagai and lots of smaller fish. Barney caught a nice coral trout and a Nanagai. Dad hooked some decent fish too and enjoyed seeing the boys pulled in their big ones. They all had a great day and also got a chance to see what Queensland’s tropical waters have in store for fisherman.

While the boys were fishing Mum and I went stand up paddleboarding (SUP-ing) for the day. This was my second time paddleboarding (1st time was in Noosa). Tracy and Jasmine joined us at the beach and I got to take Jasmine out on the board for a paddle! Loving life! Mum did really well on the board, after being a little rocky at the start, she was going like a pro by the end of our two-hour session. We figured after all that exercise we had ernt a drink and some lunch back up at the beautiful tree top bar.

We spent some good times at the stunning beaches up here. We had quite a few nice dinners all together including home made cobia and chips, coral trout baked two different ways (one in a salt crust and one with tasty stuffing) and we even had a roast one night.

Yesterday, we all went to the Captain Cook Festival at 1770. There was a parade, food, rides, a market and most importantly at beer tent. It was fun watching some of the local talents.

Ben and I were happy to get to spend some time with Jasmine, who is growing up fast. She is cheeky but absolutely adorable and loved going to the beach and playing in the sand.

It was sad to see our family leave today and two weeks seemed to have gone way too quickly. Thanks so much for coming up guys, it’s so special for us to be able to see our family while we are on the road. Agnes Water is so beautiful that Ben and I have not left yet, we have set up our camper at Workman’s Beach Camp Area, which is just down the road from where we were staying in the house. The camp area here is great, it’s sandy and bushy and you just need to take a short walk on a gravel pathway to get to a gorgeous surf beach with rock pools and sandy areas. The campground offers running water, toilets, a cold water outdoor shower and bins and is also pet-friendly, not bad for $9 per person per night. Thanks again to Mum and Dad, Barney, Tracy and Jasmine for coming up, loved seeing you guys!

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