GT’s in Townsville

Come Sunday this week we will leave Townsville, hit the road again and continue north. We are planning to get to Mission Beach or at least somewhere near it. It has been a long stay here in Townsville and I have to say the place has grown on both of us.

Ben has been enjoying working with his bricky crew up here and even though it is a commercial site and long sleeves and pants are required, the guys he has been working with have been really good. I have enjoyed my emergency nursing shifts at JCU Vet Hospital and I have been lucky enough to meet some great people there. Some of which I hope to keep in touch with as we move on.

Townsville has produced perfect weather for us and has provided us with everything we have needed. The staff at Coral Coast Tourist Park are amazing and we could not have asked for more laid back or more helpful people to have stayed with. The Wednesday night burger nights in the park have become a routine for us and we will miss sitting by your fire, eating your rissoles and getting involved in the raffles.

Yesterday, Ben took a day off work and he went fishing on one of the local fishing charters up here AFS Sports Fishing Charters. When he came home from his charter, he had a huge smile on his face and I knew immediately that he had had a great day. When he showed me the photos and told me that he had finally caught his GT (Giant Trevally) I was just as excited for him as he was for himself. The GT has been on his bucket list for years. He also got same good sized Spanish Mackeral (also a first for him), some nannygai and some grassies. The guys he went out with were great and it was an experience he will never forget. He got to see sharks, whales and lots and lots of fish. What a great day! He loved getting out there and doing the things that he used to dream about doing when we were back home. Woo Hoo!

AFS Sports Fishing Charters are run by Adam and are well worth enquiring about if you happen to be in Townsville and you are looking to go out for a fish. Look him up on FB… and check out the awesome photos and vidoes of Ben’s BIG GT!

We had a delicious meal of fresh Spanish Mackerel last night and we are eating it again tonight. There is no wonder why the Townvills locals love pulling in these awesome fish. Our freezer now has a nice stock pile of fish fillets and it is almost time to hit the bitumen again!

List of Things We Loved About Townsville:

  • Glen and Amanda’s visit
  • Night Out at A Touch of Salt with Glen and Amanda
  • Magnetic Island with Glen and Amanda
  • Ben catching his GT and Spaniards
  • The Taphouse
  • The Strand, the pier and the rock wall
  • Paleranda
  • Discovering land based fishing spots and catching live bait
  • The staff at Coral Coast Tourist Park
  • The weather – never less than 24 degrees and never more than 29 degrees (mostly 26 or 27 degrees) in the day and cool enough at night to sleep
  • Meeting people and making friends through work

Ever thought about visiting Townsville? DO IT!

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I'm a freelance writer and blogger who loves to travel with my husband, Ben. We normally choose our off road camper for adventures but sometimes we'll take a different path. I am also a veterinary nurse. I am also available for content and copywriting jobs.

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