Zig Week and Rugby

Well, it’s been a huge week for us! Ziggy (otherwise known as Craig, CJ or Ziggy Craig) did an eleven hour stint in his little Camry to come and visit us. This is his second visit while we’ve been on the road and we loved catching up with him. Ben has continued to work through the sweltering 30 and 40 plus heat here but he did a few shorter days so he could spend some time with Zig. Here’s some of the stuff we got up to…

Harbour Thai

We had two nights at this restaurant in the time Zig was here, one on the night he arrived and one the night before he left. The food at Harbour Thai is as the boys put it… “Off the hoooook!” The views are awesome from the balcony and all in all the first night there was not far from perfect. Zig said it was worth the eleven hour drive anyway.

On Zig’s last night one of Ben’s work mates Justin (or Super Mario as Ben calls him) joined us for dinner with his son Eligh, we have had a few beers with Justin here and there. He’s a really nice young guy, with lots of stories to tell.

Jamberoo Pub

After visiting the blowholes in Kiama that weren’t blowing because there was no wind, we went to the Jamberoo Pub. It’s quite a famous pub in this area, its old, the meals are good and they often have live entertainment. The beer garden is set up really well, so gigs can be performed outside and on a nice day, it’s a great spot to be in. We watched a fellow called Pat Drummond, he is well known in this area (and so is his family apparently) and sings such hits as “Can You Put a Sao in Your Gob in One Go?”. He was amusing.

Trees Adventure – Nowra

We were feeling adventurous one day and so after Ben had worked in the heat for half the day we decided why not go and climb some cargo nets, walk across tight cables, climb rocks and zip line? The platforms and obstacles are set high in the trees and along rock faces. The forest is thick and beautiful and it’s amazing to get a birds eye view of it as you wobble your way across tight cables and swinging logs. It was hot and we were sweaty after completing their two hardest courses but it was fun and in a way it shows you what you are really capable of when you know you can’t fall because you’re attached to a harness. It was something different and I’d definitely consider doing something like it again.

Don Bradman Museum and Chevy’s Fat Elbow

I didn’t attend the Don Bradman museum because I had to take Chevy to the vet, his elbow had turned into a swollen mess. He is okay now and I figured out it was an abscess but how he got it is still unknown. There is still some hardness to his elbow and it’s still not right but it’s about 80% better so on with the antibiotics we go… luckily he’ll eat ANYTHING you give him so medicating him isn’t a chore.

Zig and Ben really enjoyed the museum, the cricket history was awesome and they had a good time. Well worth a look if your into cricket.

Illarwarra Fly and Tree Top Walk

There is a huge bridge that they have built in the rain forest that is suspended above the forest. It’s a bit of a walk to get up there but Ben and Zig enjoyed it. I didn’t go because I had some ear issues, which seem to be subsiding now. The highest point of the spiral is around 700 meters above sea level. The rain forests is lush and an impressive piece of nature and the bridge is an amazing place to view it from. Worth a visit if your good with heights and you’re in the area.

Ziggy’s Stay

Zig set up his blow up bed in our annex because the sites here are just too small to fit another tent on. It worked out well until we had a heavy down pour one night whilst we were at the pub… we happened to have left the annex door open “to let some air in” but we let some of the 49mm of rain in that we got in a couple of hours instead. It rained hard enough that you only had to be out in it for a matter of seconds to be completely soaked through, no shower required. All of our towels and most of Zig’s clothes later, the annex floor was dry enough again to get us through the night. It then rained on and off for the next 30 hours or so. Here’s the thing… last time Zig visited us we had perfect weather before he arrived and then 2 days of down pour when he got there, this time – perfect weather before he came up and then… well you get the picture. We’re not saying he’s the rain man or anything but it is a little odd or um, coincidental you might say.

He left yesterday morning, while he was here there was lots of laughs, music and drinks and lots of good times! There was even a day where we did a pub crawl through Wollongong, we visited the Illarawarra Brewery, the Five Barrels Brewery and the Scarborough Pub, then went to the Warilla Pub for dinner (which is when the HEAVY rain started), I drove and the boys consumed a fair amount of beer and despite the rain, it was a great day. Thanks for the effort Zig, it was great to see you.

Illarwarra Dragons and Win Stadium

Last night we went to see a practice game between the Illarawarra Dragons and the Wests Tigers with one of Ben’s mates from work Horse and his girlfriend and family. Ok, before all you Melbournites accuse us of jumping from the AFL ship to the Rugby one… we just went to HAVE A LOOK. It was really good, the crowd was definitely more subdued than the die hard fans we are used to at AFL matches this was probably exacerbated by the fact that it was only a practice game. In saying that, I’ve seen plenty of people get up and about a little too much during the ALF NAB cup.

Win Stadium and the ground itself are much smaller than the MCG and Etihad. The view from the stand is amazing, you can see all of the ground as well as the ocean and some of the Wollongong beach just over the hill. It’s only $15 entry for the practice game, which was pretty good value. Ben bought a Dragon’s shirt – not because he’s jumping ship… because he liked it and he needed a t-shirt to get into the pub afterwards with. It turned out to be a really good night and we, I mean, they – the Dragons, that is, won!

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