Last Days at Shellharbour

In less than two days we will leave Shellharbour. This place has been our home for the last four weeks. Tomorrow is pack up day and in the early dark hours of Saturday morning we will get on the road again. Pack up day is always a pain but it brings with it the excitement of knowing that we are heading back into the bush and that we will inevitably find new place to explore. I’m excited about crossing the border into a new state and can’t wait to see what Queensland has in store for us.

I will be glad to have Ben back during the days and happy that he will be able to take his mind and body out of work mode again for a while. We will, however, start the work search again when we get to Queensland.

So, what will we miss most about Shellharbour?



Or maybe this?


This place?


These things?


These guys?


I’m not sure… I guess we’ll have to wait and see. You know what they say, you can’t miss something until it’s gone.

You know what else they say… you take the good with the bad.

Good (in no particular order)…

  • Exploring Kiama
  • Gaining some money through Ben getting some work
  • Visiting Jamberoo and the Jamberoo Pub
  • Visiting Robertson and The Famous Pie Shop
  • Harbour Thai
  • Ziggy visiting us
  • The Trees Adventure in Nowra
  • Finding good food and nice places to eat
  • Meeting Justin, Horse and the other guys Ben has been working with
  • Having the rocks, the rock pools, the pool and the beach at our door step
  • Pizza night at the Park
  • Seeing our first live Rugby match
  • The Breweries
  • Beautiful night time walks along the shore
  • Clear mornings and blue skies
  • Acclimatizing to the heat


  • Ben working his butt off
  • Having to move camp sites
  • Chevy getting a swollen elbow and having to go to the vet
  • Brock almost getting attacked by a another dog (too close for comfort)
  • The annex getting flooded and our books getting ruined in the heavy rain

Hey, there was way more good than there was bad. We’ll write you again when we get to wherever it is we are going next. Cheers folks!

Oh… for all our fellow foodies, Glen and Amanda, we’re looking at YOU! Here’s a list we’ve been composing of all of our favorite eateries so far.

Ben and Leah’s Favourite Food List from All Around Australia

For those of you who don’t know us well, Ben and I love a good dining experience. We appreciate good food and we love to try new eating spots. We’re not necessarily fine diners, we’re just as happy with a good pub meal as we are with a plate of fresh prawns so this list doesn’t go on how ‘classy’ the place was, it’s about the food and how much we enjoyed it. So here’s the list… we are composing it as we travel this beautiful country so we’ll be updating it frequently. Number ONE is the best we’ve had since we left.

  1. Wheelers Seafood (Merimbula) – “fresh, locally sourced seafood platter, great service and very full bellies when we left, it’s going to be hard to beat.”
  2. Harbour Thai (Shellharbour) – “we’ve been there twice, one perfect dining experience and one really good one, staff are great, great views on the balcony and the food is flavourful and fresh, highly recommend a visit here if you’re in the area.”
  3. Rita’s Tapas Bar (Merimbula) – “Yes, the meals are small because they are tapas but boy they pack a big flavour punch. We had to order more bread so we didn’t waste the delicious sauce that came with the sliced chorizo. Well worth a visit even if it’s just for a cocktail.”
  4. Kiama Inn Hotel (Kiama) – “Pub meals with freshness and pleasing sides such as sweet potato chips. Ben had the Italian Meatball special and it was fresh and delicious. They have a large variety of burgers and do a great of them.
  5. Jamberoo Hotel (Jamberoo) – “They are pub meals but they are good ones! The acoustic entertainment on Sundays is well worth a watch. Interesting pub with lots of visual history on the walls.”
  6. The Bridge Hotel (Jingellic) – “The chef is not only a good bloke but he can cook, the squid salad was a standout and all other meals we had there were fresh and hit the spot.”
  7. Shausha Indian (Shellharbour) – “Took our taste buds back to one of our fave spots at home Arya. Great service, delicious food.”
  8. The Hunt Club Hotel (Merrijig) – “Wood fired pizzas are the go here, they are fresh and delicious. Staff are lovely and the area is beautiful.”

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