From Gold Coast, to Brisbane, to the Sunny Coast

Hey everybody, hope you have all had a good week and a good St Patty’s Day. It’s been an unexpectedly busy one for us. On Monday we left the Gold Coast and drove to the Southern suburbs of Brisbane. It was under an hours drive but Ben had work lined up in Brisbane so we figured we would be better off being as close to his work as possible.

We stayed in a very basic caravan park, with outdated toilets and showers and an unappealing swimming pool and were paying $40 per night for the privilege. Ben’s work was spread out over Brisbane and it took him an hour or more to get to and from work. He was laying H blocks on commercial sites. The area of Brisbane we were staying in had a pretty bad reputation and so we reconsidered our original plan to stay in Brisbane for six weeks.

“We didn’t leave home to be stuck in city traffic and pay $40 per night to stay in a bad area,” Ben said. I thought about that and realised he was absolutely right. We had arrived in Brisbane Monday, he worked Tuesday and Wednesday, we spent Thursday sight seeing and by Friday morning we were out of there and headed for the Sunshine Coast.

Before leaving Brisbane we visited Wynnum, which one of Brisbane’s more beautiful bayside areas. Here’s some pictures from our day at Wynnum.

Living Near Aussie World

Yesterday we got back on the road and drove for just over an hour to get to a place called Fossil Park, which is a short drive from Sunshine Coast and 5 minutes down the raod from a place called Aussie World.

It’s a bit of property just near the Bruce Highway, it has nice grass to camp on, a toilet and also power and running water. It’s a $15 per night honesty box system and we are much happier here than what we were in the $40 South Brisbane caravan park. Ben has even made his own outdoor shower with our hot water system.

Ben will start working in the Sunny Coast on Monday and so yesterday we spent the day checking out Aussie World, which is just down the road from our camp and is a fun park with a strip of unique looking shops and a really cool pub. Today, we went into the Sunshine Coast to enjoy a bit of sun and surf. We went to the Eumundi Market this morning, which is full of amazing and interesting goods. We got some salami, passionfruits and tried some snap fried hungarian flat bread with cheese and speck topping. Then we headed through the mountain roads to the amazing beaches. We stopped near Mooroochydore for a swim in the beach, the ocean water here is warm but the waves are rough. Ben is really confident in the waves but I learnt that I do have a bit of fear of waves. They are so powerful and unforgiving but I think the more I swim in the surf the confident I will become (with a little help from Ben of course). We then stopped in Maloolabah for a beer at the tavern and a $12 parma. It was a great day!

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I'm a freelance writer and blogger who loves to travel with my husband, Ben. We normally choose our off road camper for adventures but sometimes we'll take a different path. I am also a veterinary nurse. I am also available for content and copywriting jobs.

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