Caloundra, Maroochydore, Noosa & Australia Zoo Fun!

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G’Day everybody, time for an update on our travels! Well, we are still staying on the outskirts of Sunshine Coast near Aussie World at Fossil Park, Glenview. Ben has been working hard during the week and sticking it out in the heat to build up our funds. The crew he is working with seem to be pretty good and they have enough brickies that they are knocking up one house per day, hard yakka!

The weather here had been hovering around 30 degrees every day with occasional rain. It is very sunny today. The days are muggy but we are getting used to it and the nights are pleasant. I have been typing away at my keyboard. I got my first article published on a travel website. You can check it out at

You’ve probably all been hearing about the cyclone that is due to hit Northern Queensland early tomorrow morning. Luckily we are not that far North yet so we will miss the brunt of it, might get some rain and a bit of wind but should be all good in this part of the state. We are thinking of all of those people who live further up and we hope everyone stays safe.


We visited Caloundra one night after Ben finished work, this is about 15 minutes from where we are staying and it is a fast-growing suburb in the area. The beach at Caloundra is beautiful and surrounded by paved areas and has a public seaside pool. There is a tavern there that looks out over the big blue. People here have a great lifestyle, they work and then they go for a swim or a surf. They live life outdoors and by the sea, it is great and very inspirational to see.


On Friday night we ventured into Maroochydore in search of a night market that they say is on every second Friday there. We didn’t find the market (must be next Friday) but what we did find was a funky little street called Ocean Street. There are many different bars and eateries lining the street and it is a hot spot for good food, live music and fun times.

We ate at a place called Machu Picchu, which specialises in South Amercian tapas. The food was vibrant and brilliant. Ben’s not a dessert person but he especially enjoyed his banana fritters with caramel sauce and vanilla gelato, my dessert had a crazy amount of chocolate but was great. The mains and dips were surprising and tasty. We plan to return to Ocean Street again for more good drinks and dining and Machu Picchu holds a rum club on a Thursday night, which allows the tasting of top shelf rums from all over the world at half price. As you can imagine, this is right up Ben’s alley so we will mostly likely go back for that.


We visited Noosa on Saturday night so that we could see Ben’s uncle David for his birthday. We had dinner at PK’s, the special there is wood fired pizzas and they are fresh and delicious. It was great to catch up with Ben’s uncle and aunty David and Cheryl and his cousins James, Thomas and Hayden. They are a refreshing family to be around, they are absolutely lovely people who love life, they are caring, excited about everything and positive.

Noosa is a beautiful area, there are lots of shops lining the water and big boats in the channel.

Australia Zoo

Yesterday, we planned to go to The Glass House Mountain’s to have a look. To get there, we had to drive down Steve Irwin Way and go past Australia Zoo. Well, we saw the zoo and did a U-turn. We wanted to go there at some stage anyway and it was only 9am and the weather was great. Why not now? We asked ourselves.

We spent the day admiring the animals and walking, it’s a big zoo, so there was lots of walking. The snakes were mesmerising, the crocs were eye-opening and the rhino’s were incredible. We loved the main show at the Crocoseum and it was great to remember Steve Irwin, one of the most influential Aussie men of our time. We got to marvel at clever birds and slithering snakes during the show and watch the power and stealth of Charlie the croc. The tigers were majestic and all in all our day at Australia Zoo will remain as one of our favourite Sunshine Coast memories.

We’re not planning on leaving the Sunny Coast any time soon. We’re going to build up our funds and have a really good look around first. More about the Sunny Coast coming soon… but for now here’s some pics from Australia Zoo.

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